Put up multiple pictures on my daughter's profile?


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    Thank you for asking! This is a great question!

    We do not have a way to upload multiple pictures to your profile. I would suggest picking the best one and making it your profile picture. While pictures are great, they are not going to move the needle as much as video will for college coaches.

    However, you can add photos to the "Personal" section of your player profile under "Press."

    Here are the steps to do this:

    1. On your dashboard page, navigate to the "Profile" tab on the toolbar or "Personal Info" under "Complete my profile."
    2. Under the Sport section of your player profile, scroll down to "Press"
    3. Select the picture file from your computer.
    4. Then, the file will show up under the "Press" section on your player profile. Make sure to edit the name of the file so coaches are more inclined to view it.

    Also, click here for some great content on our blog about using video during your recruiting process!


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