Do College Coaches Actually Use SportsRecruits?


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    SportsRecruits Customer Support

    Thanks for asking this question because you are not the only user who as asked this! Unlike other sites every notification you receive from us is 100% real. The technology that we use to track this are clickable links that are specific for the coach you are messaging. You can only get a notification from that coach interacting with your profile if that coach is on the platform. 

    We want you to have realistic expectations of your specific process so we don't want to spam your inbox with fake information. Many of us at SportsRecruits including myself went through this recruiting process and this platform is a tool that we wish we had when we were going through this complicated time.  Many of us experienced  and still experience the spamming of other companies in the space and we want to be transparent and honest with you about your process. 

    Click here is a great article that allows you to see how to set these notifications!

    Click here to read more about why we think these notifications are so powerful especially for video (Our notifications vs. Youtube Views)

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