Questions to ask the coachon unofficial visits?


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    Connor Meth (Edited )

    Good question! The first unofficial visit you go on is always nerve-racking, especially as a player. One thing most players and parents don't think to do before a college visit is prepare. It is good to do a little research before you arrive on campus because it makes small talk easier and will allow you to have a more free flowing conversation. Knowing background on the school is obvious, but you should research the coaches' background as well so you can talk about their past. Usually you will arrive on campus and meet with one of the assistant coaches who will take you on a tour of the athletic and academic facilities. Below are some example of good questions to ask the coach while on your visit:

    • This is a great time to ask the coach about their coaching style and how you would fit in to it as a player. What attributes do you like the most for my position?
    • How many spots are there for my position and class? This helps you gauge where you rank on their prospect list because the coach's response would be along the lines of "we're looking to add two Outside Hitters in your class and have one committed, so you would be our second".
    • What current players on the team play the same position as me? This gives you realistic expectations of when you might play.
    • What is the typical day like in the off-season and in season? It is very important to know what your life will be like as a member of the team and if you're ready for that level of commitment.

    After the tour around campus, you will probably meet with the Head Coach for a short conversation. Here are some suggestions on what to ask and what not to ask:

    • Ask what the next steps in the process are. Just like a job interview, it is good to know when the next phone call or visit will be.
    • I would not ask the coach about scholarships during an unofficial visit, unless they bring it up. If they don't bring it up, then that conversation can wait until the official visit when the coach has narrowed down his prospects and has a better feel of the scholarship budget for that recruiting class.

    Lastly, my suggestion to parents going on a visit with their children, please don't do all of the talking. Coaches are recruiting your children, not you.

    I included a couple of our related blog posts below. They have a lot of great advise from coaches and players who have been through the process.


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